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A sleek handbag has the power and potential to elevate any outfit—dress it up with a plain white t-shirt or a pair of skinny jeans and expect success. And today, thanks to a new level of contemporary bag brands, this height has never been more attainable. From DeMellier and Anine Bing to Neous and Savette, a healthy mix of established and emerging brands is finding cult status among style-conscious, minimalist-minded and critical audiences. Most importantly, focus on sustainability. What do each of these modern bag brands have in common? It’s all designed with a purpose—and the purpose is to last forever in your wardrobe, not just seasonally. Each brand is committed to creating trendy and affordable pieces for everyday life and everyday wear that pair beautifully with other essentials in your wardrobe, such as a cozy cashmere sweater or a crisp buttonhole. Lately, a simple but never boring handbag from brands like Wandler or Nothing Written has become somewhat of a status symbol—a no-nonsense trend, if you will. Other anonymous It bags can be found with the help of Little Liffner, Hereu and Aesther Ekme. Then—and since it’s fashion we’re obsessed with, after all—there are irresistible, on-trend styles from By Far and Marge Sherwood, who single-handedly handed out the moon bag. back to the map.

Official king gizzard xtra zürich march 16 2023 shirt

With prices mostly under $1,000, many of these modern bag brands have been picked up by luxury retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue, Net-a-Porter, MatchesFashion, and more, all of which share a common goal. encourage the modern woman to develop. his own unique personal style. We’re highlighting 20 bag brands from this new group of contemporary designer manufacturers that are sure to become the focal point of your wardrobe. Founded by Mireia Llusia-Lindh, DeMellier London is committed to making a difference. Each bag is ethically and sustainably crafted in Italy or Spain and sourced from the highest quality materials. Result? Elegant handbags easily give a ‘luxury’ sound wherever you go.

Official king gizzard xtra zürich march 16 2023 s hoodie

Look to Los Angeles-based brand Anine Bing for the latest in casual cool. Bing’s designs are handpicked—made to last forever in your wardrobe, not just seasonal. For the modern woman looking to push through the more edgy side of fashion, you’ve come to the right place. UK label Neous is known for its minimalist approach to all designs, whether ready-to-wear or accessories. Handcrafted in Italy, each handbag features a unique silhouette inspired by modern art. The burgundy ‘Phoenix’ handbag is particularly coveted. With the mantra of ‘less is more’, Little Liffner’s minimalist designs reflect the brand’s Scandinavian roots. Its bags, however, are downright playful, featuring interesting details like sculptural shapes and macaroni gold hardware. Carrying a Little Liffner handbag is a subtle yet striking statement. Founded by designer Amy Zurek, Savette celebrates traditional leather craftsmanship done in a more modern way. Every handbag is created with longevity in mind—the aim is to pass it on from generation to generation. With such sleek styling, the challenge was accepted.

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