The Best Spring Nail Designs to Try This Season

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Photographed by Remi Lamande, Vogue, June 2018

As we welcome a new season, it’s time to give your beauty routine a refresh—nails included. Let this be your reminder to think of spring nail designs as a means of self-expression, just like your makeup or outfit choices.

“Spring is the perfect time to experiment with nail art because the warm weather announces that it’s time to have fun!” says Jin Soon Choi, editorial manicurist and founder of the eponymous nail care brand.  “And best of all, your toes are more likely to make more of an appearance during spring, so there are ten more reasons to have fun with your nail shade and design.”

Whether you want to keep it classic and simple, or sport a larger-than-life mani, let your nails make a statement this spring. Below, celebrity nail artists highlight some of the best spring nail trends to inspire your next trip to the salon (or at-home manicure).

“Flowers are always pleasant for spring!” says nail pro Nita Howard, who thinks anyone could do a subtle iteration of the trend with “a simple nude with a daisy on one or two fingers.” Though florals are by no means an original idea in springtime, celebrity nail artist Naomi Yasuda agrees there are still ways to ensure a unique manicure. “Hand painted flowers, real dried flowers, stickers, and decals, there are so many designs you can try,” she says.

Howard, who recently collaborated with ManiMe for a collection of gel nail stickers, says stickers and press-ons are perfect for wedding season, which kicks off in spring. “They offer a fun and subtle way to celebrate your big day, but still offering a fun nail that can be worn on a day to day basis,” she explains. With the recent influx of options, you’re sure to find a set to suit your mood.

“I absolutely love gold and silver/metallic accents,” says celebrity makeup artist and nail technician Lysette Castellanos. Though they may have a reputation for being wintery, the shades will perfectly complement a bright outfit (and look extra glowy in the spring sun). Paint your full nail your favorite metallic, or use it as a touch of glimmer.

Cherry On Top

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Photo: Courtesy of Vanity Projects

Rita Pinto, Founder of Vanity Projects and Vanity Projects Institute, thinks of a cherry as the perfect way to “take a classic nail design and give it a little spring makeover.” It’s been requested so much at the salon that Vanity Projects even created the design as press-ons. .

Choi predicts this season will bring lots of “pastels with simple nail art,” or “simply having a different pastel color on each nail.” To achieve this, she’d look to her new JINSoon Flower Nail Art Appliqué, added atop a soft pigment like baby blue or a blushing pink.