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Although they are useful for some other purposes, walls and fences don’t work to keep people of the country. The Chinese proved that centuries ago. The majority of those illegally entering the US arrive at airports, not at land border crossings, and overstay their visas. More focus on them would do more to enforce our immigration laws. Many immigrants who are in the United States illegally never jumped a fence, hiked through the desert, or paid anyone to help them sneak into the country. According to a recent study, 45 percent of illegal immigrants came here on a legal visa and then overstayed that visa. NPR’s Ted Robbins reports on the massive visa overstay problem and what the federal government is doing to deal with this aspect of the illegal immigrant issue.”

the money required to maintain a wall along the border would be much better spent enhancing enforcement at border crossings, at which the overwhelming of drug smuggling occurs, which Democrats have always supported, and doing more to penalize employers employing people without work authorization, something that Democrats support, and Republicans oppose. Once a politician is elected to office, their only goal is to get re-elected again and again becoming a permanent resident of the D.C. swamp. Perhaps there is a handful that actively works FOR the people and I’m including those in both parties. Biden has been in the swamp for 50 years living off of American taxpayers, making promises that RAISE our taxes in order to fulfill his obligations to those in the wagon. Meanwhile, you and I are pulling the wagon that’s becoming heavier with illegal aliens, terrorists, lazies, and other sandbaggers unwilling to work. And we’re getting tired of it.

Isn’t it amazing the closer we get to the November elections the price of gas keeps falling? The real reason is Biden released millions of barrels of oil per day from our strategic oil reserves that were designed to be there for emergencies. His stupidest move was canceling the pipeline because it was a “Trump thing” and anything to do with MAGA was done away with. This nonsensical question is a bit like asking why can Biden have a driveway and I can’t have an interstate highway. The fence around the house, repeat the house, is being installed by the Secret Service and manned around the clock by people who can easily walk the full perimeter in a matter of minutes. order wall is a useless joke. Outside of urban areas walls don’t work, much less 2000 miles of worthless wall. They didn’t work in the 12th Century and they certainly don’t work in the 21st Century. Building a useless wall to pander to idiots is not a wise expenditure of tax money. A wall can easily be defeated with a cheap $80 reciprocating saw. People from the Mexican side cut holes in it, and paint the cuts bright red just to mock the idiots on this side of the wall who think walls deter anything. In the past three years over 3800 holes have been cut in the wall that exists. Trump’s wall, what little was actually built collapses in the wind and rain.

He doesn’t, and if his cabinet even suspected it he’d be required to be tested for it, and if he tested positive he would be removed under the 25th amendment as he would be incapable of carrying out his duties as President. If Marc Elias, Mark Zuckerberg, The Clintons, Barrack Obama, and the Perkins-Cole law firm have anything to do with it, you bet your bupkiss he will. State Secretaries of State and Election Commissions are a dime-a-dozen. I agree that the conviction and length of sentence are bogus and Russia is playing politics. HOWEVER, anyone (including me) who has traveled outside the US learns one thing very quickly. It doesn’t matter what the laws are in the US. When you travel outside the country, you need to follow THEIR laws. Also, the State Department does not hold “get out of jail free” cards for US citizens. They will make sure that you are treated exactly the way you would be treated if you are a citizen of that country. nothing more. Oh, they might make sure you have a lawyer and an interpreter, but they are not going to mess up international agreements for a person who is stupid enough to break laws in another country.


Now, she says that she uses cannabis oil for medicinal purposes. I believe her. But it doesn’t matter. When you have medications, the first thing you do before traveling is finding out if you can bring them into that country. And if you can, what do you have to do to ensure that you are not breaking any laws? Anything else is defined as smuggling and the perpetrator is subject to the laws of that country. It doesn’t even have to be something like cannabis. I know places where pseudoephedrine products are illegal. IDM that you bought them where they are legal, if you get caught with them in Japan, for example, you can be convicted of drug smuggling! So, you have a substance that you REALLY need for your health, and you check and it is illegal in the country where you are traveling. You have four choices. 1. You can bring it and hope you are not caught. (This is a really stupid choice). 2. You can choose not to go to that country. 3. You can choose to go to the country, but leave the substance behind. 4. You can apply for an exception with the embassy before you travel and then declare your possession along with the written exception when you arrive. That’s it.