The Chicest Birthstone Jewelry for Every Month of the Year

best birthstone jewelry

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You don’t have control over the month or year you were born (you can thank your parents for that), but your date of birth has plenty of significance. The birthstone jewelry you wear, your zodiac sign, the year you start school, and even your career choice can be impacted by your birthday. And fashion-wise, birthstones might be the most relevant. Each month has its own assigned gem, imbued with special meaning and historical significance. The best birthstone jewelry for every month embraces all that symbolism without feeling too cheesy or over-the-top.

While many brands have created jewelry specifically to honor your birthstone, plenty of designers use each gem in a more unstudied way. This means that you can find styles that range from simple, everyday jewelry to statement pieces you may just want to break out on special occasions (like your birthday). Pick a pair of earrings or a necklace out for yourself or celebrate a loved one by gifting them with their assigned stone—and the powers that come along with it.

January: Garnet

The deep red garnet is a gemstone that’s been used since the Bronze Age. The name comes from the Latin granatum, thought to symbolize pomegranate. The red color is also associated with the heart—meaning that garnet is thought to soothe.

Jia Jia January 14-karat gold garnet necklace

Chan Luu garnet and gold Sedona bracelet

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Bea Bongiasca Baby Vine tendril gold, silver, enamel, and garnet ring

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Gorjana power birthstone coin necklace

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Tiffany & Co. Paloma’s Studio bar earrings in 18-karat gold with baguette amethysts

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Local Eclectic solid gold ombre birthstone ring

Pippa Small 18-karat gold aquamarine bracelet