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He is the Prince son of a King and grandson of a king from a Royal family for Centuries, he is educated in the most prestigious universities, and he has the thought of a statesman and not of a street boy. He could not have thought of such a ridiculous idea. I never had high expectations. I’m a moderate Republican, and usually, I vote based on the politician’s stance on key issues rather than their party affiliation. But 2020 was different. Now, I’m 60 years old, so I have seen a lot of things in a lot of elections. But my thinking going into 2020 was this: I won’t vote for Trump again. I did in 2016 and he was such a disappointment.

Eddie Munson Tattoo 86 Baby shirt

So, the 2020 election was again, the familiar least-of-evils type of election for me. Now, two years later, I see in the Biden administration time and time again, a pattern of missed opportunities and failure to anticipate fairly predictable issues. But to be frank, I was not expecting great things. But I don’t regret my vote. And I do not foresee any case where I would vote for DJT again. I find him shameful and obnoxious, repulsive in every regard, and not worthy of the office. Yes, stupid people don’t have much of any type of strategy, so they keep repeating the simple tactics they are capable of understanding. They think life is tit for tats, completely ignoring truth and reality. Th Hunter Biden thing looks stupid, even in a stupid world. Half-baked conspiracy theories, concocted by tin foil hat folks. They think they are really onto something… even though this was DOA years ago….

Eddie Munson Vintage 90s Shirt

Do You see little hunter being hauled away to prison for Anything?! He is the spawn of a corrupt, hollow husk of a career ‘blank up’ politico. A degenerate perv who will never amount to anything good. The wanker is already in his 50’s. He is an egotist of the worst kind. ‘Look at me! See how I can get away with Anything’?! A POS from the word go. The Hispanic/Latin vote will not make much difference it’s the black vote that will make the difference, the blacks vote for the democratic party 90%. of the time, if the blacks were to ever wake up and realize that the democratic party is the party that has hurt them the most and the democrats were to lose the black vote the democratic party would be out of power forever.

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You can see the Maidan going car to car on video in the refugee highway parking lot line ups trying to get into Poland, trying to identify and apprehend Ukrainian males of 16–60yo and forcibly conscript them into service to their death. These are not military. They’re Nazi goons, as Nazi as Putin. Ask the people of Chechnya about Putin’s false flag ops. Putin is an absolute thug, as are all the WEF alum.
NATO wants to kill off all Ukrainians and every foreign amateur mom’s basement video gamer mercenary who opts to play war to the last one standing. Basement X-Boxers are storming from all kinds of countries to Poland and across the border in what MSM propaganda has duped each to believe is some kind of noble cause. Putin will slaughter every non-Russian military on two feet that don’t bunker down for safety or keep out. The untrained, zero-experience mercs have no legal currency or standing to be taken prisoner of war if lucky to live to be able to surrender. Fortunate survivors, having made the error of joining and living to tell the tale, are posting video pleas to all aspiring armchair mercs to stay out of Ukraine.