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“Your makeup journey should consist of trial and error, but ultimately landing where you are confident and happy,” says Thomas. With that, read on to discover the best lip liners and glosses to pair for this lip combo sure to take you through fall and beyond. Remember, the liner you choose is the most important part of the look. It informs the resulting lip shade and how long the color will last. You want a pencil that glides on with ease, is highly pigmented, and won’t rub off easily (especially with masks in mind!). Etch the pencil along your natural lip line and overline where you want fullness. For a diffused finish, rub your lips together or blend the liner a bit with your fingers to soften harsh lines. Again, choose your nude or a brown shade for daily wear, though the below liners are offered in an array of fun, vibrant pigments.

All I want is to stay home and drink doppio Ugly Christmas sweatshirt

“I always think you should pick a lip liner that’s at least a shade or two darker than your natural complexion,” says Daley on shades that can enhance fullness. Otherwise, feel free to experiment for a different take! Daley continues with: “I would love to see purple, red, violets, and deep wine colors overdrawn with beautiful lip gloss in the center. It’s a perfect takeaway from that typical brown that we’ve been used to seeing for so long.” I’m personally partial to a berry-hued liner with a clear gloss for a long-wear lip.

All I want is to stay home and drink doppio Ugly Christmas sweats Hoodie

Supermodel Iman closed out her installment of beauty secrets with this nostalgic combination. And for Daley, it’s the appeal of a glossy finish for day or night. “I’ve always been a lipgloss girl, so to see it come back with such popularity makes me really happy,” she remarks. “A glossy finish is always a great sexy compliment for a makeup look.” Additionally, what better way to amplify fullness than a liner? According to Thomas, “the technique can enhance and define the natural curvature of the lips while giving your look a certain fierceness.” Pro tip: Overline around the cupid’s bow for a natural-looking plump.

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