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“Stila’s liquid eyeshadow in Diamond Dust is the perfect shadow to add an instant wow factor that’s so easy to use. It’s Studio 54 on the lids. It’s a fully pigmented eyeshadow with heavy glitter particles so it adds the perfect amount of drama for a ’70s disco queen.” “MAC’s Pro Palette Paintstick x 12 is the ultimate multi-use palette and is great for a multitude of Halloween looks (alien, feline, monster, abstract shapes, etc.). I love how creamy and easily applicable it is, so it should be easy to use even for beginners. Pro tip: Kryolan has a setting vaporizer spray you can use to set the final look.”

Biden fetterman 2024 it's what the people deserve political shirt

“Krolan F/X Blood is my favorite fake blood for Halloween because it dries completely, is smudge-proof, and has a sheen that makes it look perpetually wet!” “I love MAC’s Face & Body Foundation in white for a smooth and sheer lightening of the face for any zombie, clown, and spooky makeup base. It can be built up to a more opaque white base, too.” “Physicians Formula’s The Perfect Matcha cleansing balm is one of the best for getting off all layers of makeup. It melts everything away in almost one wash!” “Kryolan’s Aquacolor palette is one of my favorite products to use for Halloween because it comes with 24 water-activated shades. The color possibilities are literally endless for face painting ideas or a cool eye look. It has an extremely smooth, super pigmented application yet can be removed simply with Bioderma and face wash.”

Biden fetterman 2024 it's what the people deserve political s Hoodie

“I love MAC’s Pigment range because of the array of vibrant colors and textures that are offered, from matte acid yellow to metallic silver. It comes in small packaging, yet provides quite the colorful punch. I’m a sucker for a multi-use product that can be mixed in with most mediums to create anything such as liners, shadows, colored mascara, and body makeup. It’s best to be removed with a two-step process using a wipes and cleansing oil.” “I use the Diamond FX Face Paint palette with MAC Mixing Medium or water… it dries fast and it’s great for detail work like spider webs, veins, or dripping blood. I stay away from anything too greasy or it will get everywhere.”

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