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You’ve done some great work through your Dollywood Foundation as well. What are some of your proudest achievments through that organization? I started it before I even had the Dollywood [amusement] park. I started giving out scholarships at the Sevier County High School, back when I had my first job with The Porter Wagoner Show. We’ve done things like help people when Gatlinburg burned [in 2016]; there were so many people who lost their homes and businesses. We’ve bought instruments and uniforms for schools.

Gareth Southgate Wearning Threelions Shirt

You helped spearhead Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine research at a time when it was so easy to hide under the covers. Why did you feel the need to step up? Well, I’m not one to hide under the covers when something that scary is going on! That was just the freakiest thing—a plague that was going to wipe us all off the face of the earth. I try to keep my my heart in tune with what’s going on, as well as my eyes and ears, so when I started hearing and seeing all these things, I felt I needed to do something. I didn’t know exactly what to do, but I thought one one thing we could do is to find a vaccine—to try to stop it in its tracks, or keep it from spreading further. My heart and my head said to donate money to try and get a vaccine.

Gareth Southgate Wearning Threelions Shirt Hoodie

Over the years, I’ve admired how you’ve also been outspoken on LGBTQ+ rights and the need for acceptance. Have you felt the love back from that community? Absolutely! You get back what you give. Myself, I’ve always been odd; I was very flamboyant and out there, and I got criticized a lot for that. I got bullied a lot as a child too, so I know how it feels to not be accepted. [A lot of people] who work with me are gay, lesbian, transgender—and they’re some of my best friends as well. I’ve always been open. People are who they are. I try to find the God light in everybody. The world is hard enough as it is, so we should at least help other people to be themselves. No matter what your parents say, or what other people say, you are who you are. And that’s the way you should be.

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