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After a romantic honeymoon in Paris with her new husband Ben Affleck—and a quick trip to Capri—Jennifer Lopez has landed in LA. Floaty dresses and platforms defined her honeymoon wardrobe, but now she’s back to wearing baggy trousers and crop tops. On August 7, Lopez was papped wearing off-white cargo pants with contrast stitching and a cropped white long-sleeve top with aviator sunglasses—all evidence that the style she honed in the Noughties is still serving her well in 2022. Air Jordan 1s and a Dior book tote completed the look. J Lo has worn daring outfits both on stage and off since the ’90s, and understandably has no intention of covering up now. These days she wears loose-fitting crop tops that skim rather than cling, and often adds sweats for easy, sports luxe appeal. Katie Holmes is a fellow fan of the grown-up crop top. The 43-year-old Dawson’s Creek actor and street-style favorite wears tanks that reveal a sliver of midriff with breezy parachute pants and a simple cardi.

Trump desantis 2024 save America usa flag republican shirt

In writer and organizer Sarah Thankam Mathews’s debut novel, All This Could Be Different, the prose is electrified by the high stakes on the page. Mathews’s protagonist, Sneha, is a young Indian immigrant living in Milwaukee at the tail end of Obama’s second term, and watching her choices (of where to live, who to love, how to exist in the world) rapidly narrow as her life devolves into ordinary chaos is a breathless, dizzying, and completely beautiful adventure. Sneha is by no means an Unlikeable Female Protagonist™; it’s hard not to root for her as she leaps into the world of queer dating, tries to keep her work life and friendships afloat, and does her best to prevent her racist landlord from retaliating against her on daily. Still, she’s not a saint, either—Sneha is full of judgments, stated and otherwise—and it’s this imperfection that makes her feel so vividly real. She is, in the end, that most recognizable and foolhardy of things—a young person eager to make her life her own, all while reckoning with the sacrifices her parents made to get her to where she is.

Trump desantis 2024 save America usa flag republican s Hoodie

Vogue recently spoke to Mathews about her MFA experience, her organizing work with the mutual aid network Bed-Stuy Strong, the “single-story politics” of queer fiction, and drawing inspiration from the likes of Richard Linklater, Raven Leilani, and Jamaica Kincaid. Read the conversation below. Sarah Thankam Mathews: I feel really grateful and lucky. It’s moving to hear people respond to the novel, to read DMs about what it meant to other people. There’s this element of irreality about it too, though, because many of us writers work on something alone in a room for a long time without knowing what will happen to it. You’re just sort of living with the prose and the characters for a long time, and then you send it out into the world after you’ve really given a lot of yourself to it. Publishing, in so many ways, is just a microcosm of capitalism, and there are so many good books that should soar, but don’t because of structural issues. So that is part of how I think about the attention, too.

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